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Exploring the Island of IrelandFrom the Giant's Causeway in the North to Bantry Bay in the South West, Ireland is packed with so much to see and do. The Republic of Ireland is ranked 32 in a table of the biggest tourist destinations worldwide with 7.6m visitors every year. In terms of the international community Ireland is the most popular travel destination and the peaceful country has no historic or current foreign policies that would put people off from visiting. When to visit - From June to August is the perfect time to explore the land of Islands. Though, during this time the air fare and hotel or resort fare are also very high. However, April -may and September- October is the off season. So during that period costs will be much lesser. Ireland is moderately expensive but still affordable if you can choose the right time to visit Ireland. The Irish website can give you a clear idea regarding the atmosphere of Ireland. It is a country with great weather which you can enjoy anytime of the year. Place to Visit - • The great Cliff of Moher situated in County Clare pulls more than one million tourists every year. • Apart from the popular capital Dublin, Cork City is one of the top ten cities in the world. • St. James Gate Brewery, a brewery is the 2nd highest visited tourism place of the Irish • Phoenix Park, the largest inner city park in Europe • The bridge of Ha'penny is the popular Victorian bridge over the sweet River Liffey. The simplicity will mesmerize anyone visiting the river for the first time. • In south of the city there is a Temple-Bar which has captured the medieval road , with so many small buildings built up with cobbled size stone. The southern part of the city has frozen the ancient time . It has preserved the best attraction of Ireland. • Fota Wildlife Park Zoo, located just outside the city on Fota Island, has been known as one of the most popular visitor attractions in the Ireland. In 2014 over Seven million tourists visited the Republic of Ireland . In 2011, Ireland polled at top as 'Favourite touring destination of the World' by Frommer's Guide readers. Ireland has been listed as the world most amazing and most friendly country and the website of Ireland tourism, discover Ireland, has been titled as the best tourism country website worldwide. Related Links:

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