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Ireland Green card requirementAny citizen belonging from a nation which is not a part of the European Economic Area or Switzerland may need a service authorization or green card to earn and work in Ireland. There are different nine types of service authorizations including a Critical Skills Employment Permit (formerly Green Card Vis), a General Employment Permit (formerly work permit) and a Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit. From 2014, the changes to the criteria for issuing employment permits have been made. Green Card is entitled to be given to the employer or the employee who can apply for the permit. The permit is approved for an employee and includes a statement of the employee's rights and entitlements. Requirements of getting green card The applicant should be having lots of skills in order to have green card in Ireland. The skills, expertise in the skill along with achievements, work experience are also chief factors for selection of the visa application and job opportunities in Ireland. A job offer from a genuine company registered for trade in Ireland. The remuneration amount for a candidate should be between €30,000 and €59,999. If the applicant is applying for the start-up than at least 50%of the employees of that start-up should be the member of European nationals. Rules and Regulations of getting Green Card The green card is issued to the people who have a valid  employment guarantee and job offer, which has been offered by the employer of the company, who is registered in the traders of Ireland. The given valid job offer must guarantee job opportunity of the applicant for next two years. A labor market needs test can be plainly ignored in case, which means that the employer need not to publicize the job in newspapers or at any online portal. A candidate should be having all the relevant educational qualifications, workers skills and vital experience  which is required for the job. There are two eligible occupations which include two main categories of qualified occupations as follows like for jobs which pays the annual remuneration of €60,000 or the jobs with annual salaries less than that has to be from some other occupation. Having perks of Green Card to Ireland People who have green cards in Ireland can sponsor the green card of their family on the basis of their own card. The card allows them to enjoy the rights which are very flexible with them. After staying continuously in the country for two years, one can also apply for residing permanently in Ireland and later on can also apply for citizenship of Ireland. Related Links:


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