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Are you Interested to Immigrate Along With your Family to Ireland

Before individuals decide to move to Ireland, they should know whether they need a visa to enter this nation.

Migrate to Ireland

If the individual does wish to Move to Ireland for varied reason, then they may be able to get their family members along with them.

Ireland Family ImmigrationIreland-Family-Immigration

The individual’s right of entry does depend on their nationality as well as residence type. The individual’s family members are required to stay in Ireland depending on their entitlement. They might of course acquire the right to entitlement on their own right.

Irish Citizens –Ireland Employment Permit

Foreign national who married or does enter the civil partnership with Irish citizen does not offer automatic entitlement to live or work in  Ireland. The individual’s spouse or the civil partner is governed by same rules as it applies to all foreign nationals.  They need to apply for work permit to work.

The individuals can also find a leaflet on residency information for the partners of Irish Citizens and Family Members.

Other EEA and Swiss Citizen living in Ireland, do have the right to get specific family members to live with them even if they are not themselves Swiss Citizens or EU/EEA.

Switzerland has entered agreement wherein Swiss nationals are also treated broadly the same way as EU nationals.

Family Members Include

  • Spouses
  • Dependent –Direct Ancestors
  • Direct descendants who are aged under 21 or are EU citizen dependants and civil partner or spouse.
  • Registered partners, if host member state do treat such partners as equivalent to marriages

Other family members who do not have the absolute right might be able to move to Ireland. The Directive require the member states to facilitate the entry a well as residence

  • Family member who are household members of EU citizen or dependents or where serious health grounds does require personal care of the family member by EU citizen
  • A partner with whom EU citizen does have durable relationship. The Irish authorities do consider the application for residence cards from partners of EU national who can establish the relationship which has existed for minimum 2 years.
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