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How To Migrate To Ireland From India?
Posted on: 27 Aug 2014  |   Tags: ,

Migrate to Ireland from IndiaPlanning to migrate to Ireland from India? Ireland immigration is preferred by most of the individuals due to several factors which include low unemployment rate, better living standards, good economic and study opportunities. Whether you wish to reside in or work,    Immigration to Ireland is the perfect option for you that brings you with a number of benefits.

Migrate to Ireland from India:

Over the years, an increase is observed in the number of people migrating to Ireland from India. Ireland Immigration can be accomplished in many ways which include Green Card Permit Scheme, Work Permit Scheme, Intra-Company Transfer Permit Scheme, Dependent/Spouse Permit Scheme, and third Level Graduate Scheme. Out of all these, Ireland Green Card Permit scheme is mostly preferred by people who wish to migrate to Ireland from India.

Ireland Green Card Permit Scheme:

Ireland Green Card Permit Scheme is an employment based permit which is issued to a person who wishes to work in Ireland. Ireland Green Card Permit is for individuals having excellent skills matching with the skills shortages in the country.

Ireland Green card Permit requirements:

Persons who wish to migrate to Ireland from India under Ireland Green card Permit needs to have a job offer from a bona-fide company registered for trading in Ireland. This permit can be applied by both an employer and employee. In case if employee is applying for Ireland Green card Permit, then he/she must have relevant qualifications, skills or experience relevant to occupation. The job offer must be mentioned on company-headed paper, dated within the previous 60 days, and the offer must be for a period of two or more years.

The conditions that should be listed on the job offer include full description of the proposed employment, Starting date of employment, Annual salary, excluding bonuses, and information on required qualifications, skills or experience required for the employment.

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