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Intriguing Facts About Ireland !

Historical-Facts-About-IrelandIreland is definitely a beautiful country but some of its facts will make you jump and kind a quirky. So sit tight and read along!

  1. It is the only country that has HARP as its national symbol. The oldest harp dates back atleast to 1300.
  2. Ireland is the twentieth largest island in the world but third largest in Europe.
  3. Women working in public service retire after they get "Married"
  4. It is home for the ‘wine of Ireland’; Guinness Stout!
  5. Shannon became the first duty free airport  and ever since 1947 a Platform for free liquor.
  6. Newgrange Passage are older than Stonehenge and even pyramids of Giza.
  7. Ireland’s 15 Stations are named after Easter Rising.
  8. Guess what, Ireland is a snake- free island!
  9. Ireland has the fifth largest zinc mine in the world
  10. Sean’s bar is the oldest pub in Ireland!

Ireland’s fun facts are not just over. Well if you think this all Ireland's got to offer, then you absolutely,

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