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Ireland Family Immigration- All you want to know!

Family-Reunification-Program-to-IrelandIf I tell you that you and your family can live in a place where you can lose yourself consciously, also if I say you can get mesmerized in the most inspiring and exciting cities; would you like to live a part of your life there? And I am sure you will be saying ‘YES!!’ Now the point is that where is such a place? So Ladies and gentlemen let me show you the abode for the most picturesque place on earth, IRELAND. Ireland is an Island Country in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a land with crystal clear waters with mangrove trees in it. A place where nature and the humming street gel in very well, a breathtaking coastline drive on Ireland is to die for; all this can be availed if you are planning to more to Ireland while shifting with family there. With the foreign born labor population of 9% and low unemployment rates immigration to Ireland for work has increased to a high level. To settle in Ireland for the Non- EEA immigrants the permission from the Ireland government is highly required. The permission to live in Ireland comes after remaining and working in the country for at least 2 years. There are several documents which are required to apply for the permanent residence in Ireland:

  • Valid passport
  • The significant visa
  • An employment or business visa
  • Your documentation will be examined by an immigration officer when you report at the point of entry in Ireland.
The government officer will be asking you to show some documents which will give enough proof about the funds you have which will support the livelihood of you and your dependents. Also, you might go through interviews regarding the application of permission. Your right to have dependents with you to come and live in Ireland depends on the rules of the government serving the country while your visit to it. So, sign up with us and apply for Family Immigration to Ireland today.

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