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ireland family immigration visaIf someone wishes to come to Ireland to reside for a time period, longer than 3 months with a family member who is an Irish citizen or who is lawfully resident in Ireland one can apply for a long stay visa. The complete policies which are specified are in the document National Immigration policy’s area of reunification. The policies draw round in the document pertain for almost all  decision making in relation to family reunification cases where ministerial discretion applies including long  visa applications.

Rules for spouses

If someone marries a Ireland national,it doesn't entitle them to be citizen of Ireland. The same rules which apply for all the foreign citizens of Ireland are applied for the spouse of the permanent resident of Ireland. While the EEA or Swiss citizens living in Ireland can bring their family with them. The same laws which are followed by European Union countries are followed by Ireland. According to which, the family members of Swiss citizens, which include spouses, kids under age of 21 and parents.

Categories of family Visa

Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service allow the applicants to apply for different visas accordingly. Those people who hold critical skill employment permit have the liberty to bring their family members along with them at the time of arrival. While those who have General Employment Permit can't allowto invite their family members till 1 year. In order to do so, the sponsor is supposed to give the proof that they will be able to support the dependant family members. This generally includes financial statement. Those who have been studying in Ireland are not supposed to invite their family as the rules don't apply to them.

Requirements and documents for applying

While applying for Visa as a dependent or family member of any Irish citizen, it is important for the applicant to produce some documents which proves their relationship with the applicant. While arriving in Ireland one must be having a passport with them. Documents such as marriage certificate might be asked for if anyone is applying for Visa on the basis of their partners. EEA citizens who are given the rights to move freely are actually allowed to get involved in any sort of visa. But non EU nationals might be asked for the documents. Related Links:  

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