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Ireland Family Reunification for Permanent Residents

Family-Immigration-to-IrelandThe island nation in Europe, Ireland welcomes numerous immigrants to settle to balance the economy and the demographic dividend. You can see the cultural and social integration of societies with the economic migration. The family programs introduced by various countries are meant to bring joy to families of immigrants.

Family Immigration to Ireland is applicable only to the lawful citizens of the international community. If the family willing to join the legal resident, must apply for extended stay visa. Applicants must have to apply online for this visa program. All the necessary signature and documents you have submitted online must match with the physical copy of the documents. In case, the applicants have presented any false information to the Ireland Immigration. They will ban from applying for any Ireland visa for five years.

The applicants must wait for the final approval from the embassy and must not make any travel arrangements before that. Several cases are dealt differently in the family reunification if the sponsor is a citizen of Ireland and foreign nationals with work permits than it takes six months. The other sponsors will have to wait for six months and more for the outcome of the family unification visas.

Visa Processing Under the Family Reunification category will have detailed assessment. Ireland believes, in particular, visa processing and entitles equal rights to the spouse, kids, and parents who come to join the family members in Ireland. Sometimes this visa processing takes regular immigration delays, however taking the help of immigration services will help you. As they have the detailed information on different cases and they can assess your application carefully for successful visa processing.

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