Different Occupation Categories for Ireland Greencard Scheme

Ireland-Green-Card-SchemeIn the year 2012, the Ireland was ranked the seventh most developed nation in the world by the United Nation’s Human Development Index.

Under the Ireland Green Card scheme, the individual can apply for immediate reunification of the family. We also find that, the time spent under this particular permit is also taken into account while offering permanent residency.

While applying for permanent residency, the individuals are not required to apply for labour market assessment test.

Who All are Qualified Applicants Who Can Migrate to Ireland?

Both employer as well as employee can apply for above the Ireland Work Permit.  The employee should posses the relevant qualifications as well as skills and experience for the desired employment.

Job Offer

The individuals in order to receive Green card permit, the individuals should have a job offer from an bona-fide company which is registered with the Companies registration office as well as revenue commissioners.  The company should also be engaged in trading in Ireland. The offer should be on the company headed paper, should be dated within the previous sixty days and the offer should be for a period of two or more years.

The offer should specify the following

  • Should have full description of the proposed employment
  • Should have details about start date of employment
  • Annual salary should not include bonuses
  • Should have information about their skills, experience and qualification essential for the employment.

Occupation Categories for Greencard Scheme

There are about two categories of occupation through individuals can apply for Green card Scheme

  • The annual salary should be EUR 60,00 a year or more (excluding the bonuses).
  • The annual salary should be EUR 30,000 –EUR 59,999. The Greencard permit is only good for restricted occupation, other than those which are contrary to the public interest.

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