How Can I apply Ireland Green Card Permit Scheme?

Get-Green-Card-to-IrelandIreland Green Card Scheme was introduced by the Government to meet the shortages of skilled professionals in different sectors. This permanent residency visa is issued to the qualified individual whose skill set proves beneficial to the Ireland Employer. Based on various assessments the individual is granted Ireland Green Card Permit Scheme for two years. The visa period is extended at later stages.

Candidates applying under this scheme must have a valid job offer from the company that trades in the local market.  Family reunification is very simple with the work permit scheme. This scheme doesn’t require Labor Market Assessment test.

Qualified Professionals

  • Qualified professionals can apply for the Green card work permit or employer can apply for skilled professionals.
  • The employee must possess necessary skill set required by the Ireland Job Market.

Green Card Categories

Green Card is issued to the applicants under two streams

  •    Salaries annually not less than EUR 60,000 without including the bonus.
  •    Annual salary ranging between EUR 30,000- EUR 59,999 without bonus.

Above mentioned salary slabs are approved under the Green Card Permit Scheme to Irish

Job Offer

Under Green Card Permit Scheme, applicants must have a job offer from registered company of Ireland. Offer must be dated within 60 days after filing an application. A job offer can be for two years or more than that.

For Green Card Processing to Ireland Candidates must specify following:

  • Description of Job offer.
  • Date of employment.
  • Annual salaries break up excluding bonus.
  • Valid experience and educational qualification.

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