Ireland Work Permit for Foreign Nationals

Ireland Work PermitIreland is a top-notch destination for immigrants who have a dream of overseas career. Ireland offers many job opportunities for people who wish to enhance their career prospects. An individual who plans to migrate to Ireland for employment has to know the Ireland work permit process.

Ireland work permit:

Ireland work permit is an application that allows overseas to work on temporary basis with a particular company.  The country offers Ireland Work Visas from short-term to long-term for individuals who wish to work and live in the country on permanent basis.

To undergo Ireland Work Permit Process, applicants must fulfill following requirements:

  • Candidate must hold a valid job offer from an Irish employer
  • Aspirant can reside in the country until their job offer gets expire.

Ireland Work Permit Scheme:

The green card scheme is applicable for applicants who wish to stay in the country on permanent basis. An individual is allowed to apply for work permit scheme only after two years of stay in the country.  However, it’s important to note that Irish green cards won’t get granted immediately.

Requirements for Irish green card:

Aspirant must have valid offer of employment for green card application.

The offer must specify:

  • full employment details
  • date of joining
  • annual salary, without including any bonuses
  • Information on required qualifications, skills and experience required for employment.
  • Must undergo labour market testing

Ireland Work Permit for Indians:

Indians who wish to work in Ireland has to obtain Ireland work permit. Every work permit  category of Ireland has its own rules and regulations. However, one has to satisfy all the eligibility criteria’s to apply for work permit visa.

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