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Investments in cloud computing sector have grown in recent times in Ireland. The jobs advertised for the sector have also seen a rise. Cloud computing companies, both domestic and multinationals are seeing a steady growth. There are multinationals who had opened their facilities in Ireland in 1980s and 1990s. There are also new start-ups coming up in the Silicon Valley. As per Gartner reports, the cloud computing market of Ireland is set to reach 207 billion Euros by 2016. This will bring demand for thousands of professionals from this field. Opulentus IrelandIreland’s available infrastructure like data centers and electricity and skilled professionals has attracted companies to establish their facilities here. There are more than 23 data centers in Dublin and some more getting constructed in west Dublin. Recent announcements in Cloud Computing sector are:

  • One of the industry leaders, Microsoft is building a major data center in Clondalkin by investing 1 billion USD. This facility will operate as the main center for cloud computing activities in EMEA. Recently Microsoft had spent 130 million USD to expand its Dublin data centre, creating 400 jobs.
  • Internet search giant Google is building a new data center in west Dublin worth 75 million Euros.
  • American data center provider, Digital Realty Trust is going to unveil the 193,000 sq-foot data center in West Dublin.
  • TelecityGroup has acquired Irish Data Electronics and is planning on a major expansion plan in Ireland
  • HP has created 280 new openings in the field of emerging technologies concentrating on cloud infrastructure, mobile and social media
  • Cisco will recruit 115 employees for its new center. It has invested 26 million Euros to strengthen its cloud and virtualization area.
  • Skilled professional from the cloud computing sector can take this as a golden chance to move and settle in Ireland. Around 10,000 jobs will be created in this sector and would require skilled and experienced professionals to fill these positions.
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