What are the Different Categories Where the Work Permit Scheme does Apply

Ireland-Work-Permit-SchemeThere are about different types of employment permits that are issued by DJEU(Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation) which includes critical skills employment permit and work permit.

The individuals can apply for Ireland employment visa after the individuals have obtained an employment permit from the DJEI.

The Ireland Work Permit Scheme is for the issuance of work permits for occupations having a salary EUR 30,000 each year or more where the Green card permits are not available.

The work permit can be issued to an applicant for the occupation specified on the permit. It has been issued for an initial period of two years and it can be renewed for further three years. The Ireland work visa can be issued indefinitely after a period of five years.

Either employer or an employee can apply for the Ireland Skilled Work Visa. The employee should posses the relevant qualifications, skills or the experience for the desired employment.

There are about Two Categories of Occupations Where in the Work Permit Scheme Can be Applied for

  • The annual salary is EURO 30,000 a year or more (excluding bonuses). In this particular case, the work permit is available for all qualified occupations, other than those which are contrary to the public interest.
  • For salary ranges that are less than EUR 30,000 a year, only very limited number of occupations would be considered for issuance of work permit.

In both cases, work permit would not be considered for any job categories specified in the ineligible job categories list.

A job vacancy wherein individuals or employer who wish to make an application under the work permit scheme should have advertised in both local as well as nation news paper for about three days in order to ensure that a national belonging to EEA or Switzerland and secondly a national belonging to Bulgaria and Romania are not  found to  fill the vacancy.

An Irish work permit is employment permit where a non-EU citizen can work legally in Ireland for an employer in a particular occupation.  The permit is offered for two years.

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