Ireland Visit Visa – Are you Planning to Stay in Ireland ?


People from certain nation require Ireland Tourist visa before arriving in the state, whether by air, sea or land.  An Irish Visit Visa is a certificate which is placed on your passport or travel document in order to indicate that you are an authorized to land in the state subject to any other conditions of landing being fulfilled. It means that the individuals would be still subject to immigration control to the point of entry to the state even if they have a visa.  The individuals would be required to register with the immigration authorities.

A family member of EU national: if you are non-EEA national who is coming to Ireland from another EU nation as Dependent of EU national, and you do not have a document that is called residence card of a family member of Union Citizen, then you require a visa when you first travel to Ireland.

If you wish to plan to stay for more than three months, then you must register with the immigration authorities and apply for the residence card. If you tend to receive residence card, you would not require re-entry visa for travel to Ireland in future.

If you desire to Visit Ireland for a period less than three months for example on holiday to pursue a short course of studies or for the purpose business meeting, then you should apply for short stay C Visa either single or multiple entries. The maximum stay allowed under the Short Stay C Visa is for 90 days.

In case if you wish to travel to Ireland for more than three months, for example, to pursue a course of study or for work or to settle permanently in Ireland with family members who are already resident in resident, then you should apply for long stay D visa for a single entry

If the individual is granted a long stay D visa and wish to remain in the state for longer than three months or beyond the period of leave offered to you by the immigration officer at an Irish of entry, then you would require to register and obtain a residence permit.

Both nations Ireland and the UK have applied to take part only in the police as well as criminal judicial measures and not the common border control as well as visa provisions.

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