Visa to Ireland from India – Student Visa, Tourist Visa to Ireland

Ireland-Student-Visa-from-IndiaVisa to Ireland from India – Years round, many of the overseas individuals from across the globe are choosing to visit European nations to get themselves indulged in multicultural ambiance, peaceful environment, welcoming society, picturesque beaches, and many others. With the rise in the number of must-see tourist hot spots, the count of overseas tourists visiting the EU nation like Ireland has also increased gradually. Individually every country has their own prominence, diverse features, and attractions to lure more and more tourists and Ireland is the one that has witnessed a huge number of visitors from India.

Tourist Visa to Ireland

Ireland is one of the prominent tourist spot blessed with striking landscapes and spectacular ancient monuments. And overseas travelers whoever visits this spot on visit visa of Ireland can find something to do more and experience the amazing things that they might have ever come across. Individuals who have a plan of visiting Ireland from India or other nations have first to gain fine cognizance on the visa options that nation has and their updated regulations.

Based on the region of visit and duration of stay, Ireland visas are classified into four categories they are:

Short Stay Visas: This is for individuals who aspire to reside in the province for a duration of three months for visiting their family members or for attending the business conferences. Here an individual has a chance to apply for single as well as the multiple entries.

Long Stay Visas: If your trip to Ireland is beyond three months, then you can make use of the “D” visas. This visa supports in working, studying or in attaining the permanent residency of Ireland.

Transit Visas: Natives of few of the countries can attain this visa for visiting the province on their way to another country.

Re-entry Visas: individuals those visited on single visa and aspiring to leave the nation for short time has to apply for his re-entry visa

Visit On Work Visa Class

As the nation is slowly changing its way of being as a nation of immigration than emigration, the count of international students, workers and travelers are also increasing steadily in Europe. International skilled workers who are planning to work in Ireland can make use of the below-listed visa scheme to make their visit fruitful.

  • Work permit scheme
  • Green card scheme
  • Spouse/dependent permit scheme
  • Intra-company transfer permits scheme
  • The third level graduates scheme

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