What are the Eligibility Criteria for Irish Tourist Visa?

Ireland-Tourist-VisaThe UK as well as Ireland are members of the European Union, hence across border, there is free movement allowed for people, goods, capital and services.

In Ireland, we find that for Ireland-Tourist-Visa does offer similar benefits which are equivalent to the travel documents in other nations such as UK, Australia and US.

Irish Visitor Visa allow  visa holders to enter the nation and stay for the purpose of tourism or visiting friends and family for a period upto 90 days.

The Ireland Temporary Visa are specially intended for temporary immigration service and therefore permission is not granted to work in Ireland.

Ireland Tourist Visa Requirements or Ireland Tourist Visa Eligibility

  • The individual’s should have valid passport and it should have validity for minimum six months from the date, you intend to leave this nation
  • The individual purpose of visit should be substantiated either through letter of reference or documentary evidence of hotel booking which offers the details of dates that applicant will be in Ireland.
  • The applicant should be able to provide satisfactory evidence that its intension to return to their nation of residence. This may be supported by range of documentary evidence in order to portray they have family commitments or employment in the nation of residence.
  • Evidence should be provided to demonstrate that the applicant is able to support him/her throughout their stay in Ireland. Alternatively, where the candidates are staying in Ireland with friends or family, are allowed to submit a letter from the host, which claims full as well as financial responsibility for the candidate.  In these circumstances, it would be essential to prove that host does have sufficient funds.

All individuals who are interested to spend holidays in Ireland should apply for Ireland Holiday Visa and they should seek Ireland Tourist Visa Information before applying for the visa.

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