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Ireland work Permit scheme

Opulentus Visas - ireland work permitIreland, a country which is known for its exquisiteness beauty and impeccable panoramic views is one of the best choices to go and settle amongst everyone in this world. The landscape of islands from its countryside beautiful locations to its lonely islands, everything is so beautiful about Ireland. Those who want to work in this beautiful country; they should have a work permit in order to do so. The work permit allows them to have permission to stay in Ireland and work there. General Work Permit The Irish General Work Permit is an employment permit which allows any citizen to work legally in Ireland for an employer in a particular occupation. The permit is valid mainly for two years. The employment permit is approved for any applicants with a valid job offer from Irish Corporation. The General Employment Permit covers almost all occupations. The job offer should come from a valid employer who should be registered and have valid trading license in Ireland. The employee or the potential employer can apply for this Ireland work permit. Job positions where the payment should be above €30,000 qualify for work permits.  The Irish Work Permit we can also contribute to arrange your Irish work visa. Requirements of Work Permit The applicant should be possessing qualifications, skills and relevant experience in the same field of job, in which they are applying for. Labour market need test can help anyone to apply for the work permit. The employer must have given advertisement of the vacancy for a minimum of 14 days on the Irish Department of Social Protection Employment Services/EURES employment network or on an independent jobs website. Jobs which are offered through the General Employment Permit scheme must have a minimum salary of €30,000 per year. Those who have previously hold the work permit may not be required to take the test again. Other Formalities In order to have work permit, one should have their first work permit in Ireland and the applicant is expected to stay with their new employer for 12 months. After completing this period, one can jump from one sector to another very easily.  The candidate, who has been put on short-time working while on a work permit or a General Employment Permit, must notify the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. One should not try taking a job in Ireland while being on tourist visa as it could be punishable offence in Ireland.

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