The Ireland Work Permit Scheme for qualified professionals

Ireland  - Work Permit  When the Ireland Green Card permits fall short, the prospective applicants have another option to apply, the Ireland Work Permit Scheme. This unique feature entertains the skilled professionals who have salary less than the EUR 30 000, if the employer is ready to sponsor then it is easy for the professionals to obtain the visa.

Initially the work permit scheme is granted for a period of two year and renewed indefinitely for next three years and the later stage it would be renewed for further five years.

The qualified professionals applying for the work permit scheme is supposed to meet the requirements set by the Ireland Immigration. The immigration programs of Ireland are proved best in the whole Europe continent. The age, skills, work experience and educational qualifications are collectively responsible for the valid work permit visa.

The work permit scheme of the Ireland is granted through two main categories. The professionals whose annual salary is below Euros 30 000 and for them, whose annual salary is above 30 000 excluding bonuses. The skilled professionals are attracted under two categories.

The Ireland Immigration facilitates the people who get the job after undergoing the tough immigration procedures. The Labor Market Impact Assessment is the mandatory requirement if an employer is to prove that he has made possible attempts to recruit the position by advertising and still unable to hire the candidate.

The professionals must undergo the stiff immigration procedure; it would be easy if you have proper documentation and good understanding towards the visa procedures. The potential immigrants willing to apply must go through the streamlined procedures and approach the best consultants who can help you with the process.