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Ireland’s Helping Hand for Malnourished Children

Ireland and UK are set to plan actions to reduce malnutrition. Ireland will be in charge of EU presidency while UK will lead the G8 countries next year. Hundreds of malnourished children will be helped. The nourishments required for the first 2 years of a child life will be discussed, and ways to help the children will be analyzed. Opulentus IrelandUndernourishment is a world crisis which is often ignored. Malnutrition is responsible for death of one in three children. Millions of children suffer from various physical ailments as they are not fed proper, nutritious food. Ireland is taking the leadership in the fight against malnutrition. It is the only country that spends 20% of its overseas development aid funds on tackling hunger. Ireland will concentrate on:

  • Special funds will be allocated for research and development on drought-resistant and nutrition-enhanced crops over the next 3 years
  • Affordable and low budget food and medicines to be offered in developing countries by renowned food and pharmaceutical companies
  • Government will focus on smallholder farmers, children under 5 years old, poor people living in cities and towns, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers
  • Mobile text communication to be used for immediate alert on hunger areas
Ireland is a developed country in terms of economy, housing, food, and employment. It wants to take the leadership in fighting core issues of European countries. Ireland is a beautiful country and is the most preferred country for migration. People willing to move to Ireland for jobs and to settle can get their profile evaluated by us. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form or buzz us on 1800 103 1555. Connect with us on Facebook. For more information, please visit Opulentus.

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