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Why Study in Ireland and NOT somewhere else?


Irish-Student-Visa-for-International-StudentsIreland is considered to be the most beautiful country in the world and when someone asks a question of why studying in Ireland is a great deal? I answer them, why NOT?

A country where courses of efficiency and diversity are given with such caressing nature around you, why would someone think of going somewhere else?

The best sources for having a UG, PG and several other courses are in Ireland. Courses even up to doctorate are available in Ireland.

 One needs a student visa to be in Ireland and study the course he/ she opts for.

Student Visa Permits for Ireland

Non- EEA country residents are required to report in an immigration office before entering into Ireland. The permission to be in this country shall be given in the National Immigration Bureau within the district you will be living. There are two types of student visas provided by the country – C Study Visa & D Study Visa.

C – Study Visa & D – Study Visa:

The C – Study Visa is applied by the students if the course to study in Ireland is less than 3 months. If the course taken by the student is longer than 3 months, then he/ she should apply for D – Study Visa.

Required documentation while applying for Irish Student Visa:

  • An acceptance letter from the Accredited Institution of Ireland for allowing you the full- time program
  • Attempted TOEFL and IELTS test score as proof of fluency in English.
  • Proof of Student Loan Declaration.
  • Evidence of available funds for starting stages of your study plan.
  • Private Medical Insurance proof
  • An agreement portraying that after your course finishes you will return to your home country.

Student Visa with Part – Time Work Permit:

You can plan your study on a program which is recognized by the Internationalization register on which you shall receive stamp number – 2 from local immigration office. It will allow you to work part – time for 20 hours per week during your class time and 40 hours per week during holiday periods. The permit to work in Ireland will cease as soon as your course finishes. Irish Student Visa does not allow multiple entries in the country. You will have to apply for Visa again to enter Ireland

Northern Ireland counties is a part of United Kingdom hence the rules and regulations are different. If your plan is to study in one of the Northern Ireland Counties, you will be required a visa from United Kingdom Authorities.

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